General Chairs

Sebastiano Battiato – University of Catania, Italy

Giovanni Gallo – University of Catania, Italy

Program Chairs

Raimondo Schettini, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy

Filippo Stanco, University of Catania, Italy

Workshop Chairs

Giovanni Maria Farinella, University of Catania, Italy

Marco Leo, ISASI- CNR Lecce, Italy

Tutorial Chairs

Gian Luca Marcialis, University of Cagliari, Italy

Giovanni Puglisi, University of Cagliari, Italy

Special Session Chair

Carlo Sansone, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Cesare Valenti, University of Palermo, Italy

Industrial and Demo Chairs

Cosimo Distante, ISASI – CNR Lecce, Italy

Michele Nappi, University of Salerno, Italy

Publicity Chairs

Antonino Furnari, University of Catania, Italy

Orazio Gambino, University of Palermo, Italy

Video Proceedings Chair

Concetto Spampinato, University of Catania, Italy

US Liaison Chair

Francisco Imai, Canon US Inc, United States

Asia Liaison Chair

Lei Zhang, The Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Steering Committee

Virginio Cantoni, University of Pavia, Italy

Luigi Pietro Cordella, University of Napoli Federico II, Italy

Rita Cucchiara, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy

Alberto Del Bimbo, University of Firenze, Italy

Marco Ferretti, University of Pavia, Italy

Fabio Roli, University of Cagliari, Italy

Gabriella Sanniti di Baja, ICAR-CNR, Italy

Area Chairs

Video Analysis and Understanding

François Brémond, INRIA, France

Andrea Cavallaro, Queen Mary University of London, England

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

Dima Damen, University of Bristol, England

Vittorio Murino, Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Italy

Multiview Geometry and 3D Computer Vision

Andrea Fusiello, DPIA – Università degli Studi di Udine, Italy

David Fofi, University of Burgundy, France

Image Analysis, Detection and Recognition

Edoardo Ardizzone, University of Palermo, Italy

M. Emre Celebi, University of Central Arkansas, United States


Costantino Grana, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy

Biomedical and Assistive Technology

Domenico Tegolo, University of Palermo, Italy

Sotirios Tsaftaris, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Information Forensics and Security

Stefano Tubaro, Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy

Zeno Geradts, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Imaging for Cultural Heritage and Archaeology

Matteo Dellepiane, ISTI-CNR, Italy

Herbert Maschner, CVAST – University of South Florida, United States

Invited Speakers

Irfan Essa, Georgia Institute of Technology, US

Fernando Peréz-Gonzalez, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, US

Roberto Scopigno, ISTI-CNR, Italy

Daniel Cremers, Technische Universität München, DE

Program committee